Ari Crow

✶ Creative ⋆ Light Worker ⋆ Crystal Shop Owner ✶


Discord Users

  • Art/Spiritual: phoxenari

  • Game Dev: marshmallowtea

Ari Crow

✶ Creative ⋆ Light Worker ⋆ Crystal Shop Owner ✶


She/Her 30 (July 4th)

I'm just a person living a quiet life doing what I love to do. I can be pretty social once you get to know me, but my favorite topics of conversation are spirituality and metaphysics.Words that describe me:
awesome, smart, kind, calm, zen, creative, artistic, playful, adventurous, thoughtful, intentional, empathetic, sensitive, gifted.


General Facts

  • I love being outdoors!

  • I need sun, water, and soil in order to live. (Theoretically I am a plant??)

  • Trees and animals are my friends.

  • I have a cat named Oliver.

  • I grow plants, mostly succulents.

  • I love asian foods, especially sushi & sashimi! Other than that, I thrive on tea and foods served hot (I always love me some soup & authentic ramen).

  • I like my veggies.


Hobbies / Skills

  • Things I like doing:
    energy work, hiking, landscape photography, digital art, traditional art, general crafts, and playing with clay.

  • Things I can do:
    programming (HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, SQL, C#, C++), web development, game development, 3D modeling/sculpting, 3D texturing, 3D animation, and 3D rigging.

  • My mediums/apps:
    graphite, colored pencils, pottery clay, polymer clay, Krita, Blender, Unity Game Engine, Visual Studio, and Notepad++.



  • I know a thing or two about healing energy, crystals, numerology, astrology, human design, manifestation, and the laws of energy.

  • I am a psychic with many clair abilities and the gift of dreams. Through dreams I receive information, visitations, and self related prophecies. My spirit often gives me dreams related to awareness and information I need in order to heal myself.

  • I am an Andromedan starseed with a crystal aura. I also identify with Pleiadian characteristics.


Other Info

- ♋☉
- ♋Asc
- ♑☽
-Human Design
- Reflector
- Opportunist Role Model (4/6)
- Right Angle Cross of Tension
(39/38 | 21/48)